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Our Mission is to

build and back the most impactful B2B solutions with the region's top talent and continue to drive innovation, social mobility and economic growth in Latin America.

We support our portfolio founders in their journey by helping them connect with the greater LatAm business community.

We invest at The Earliest Stage and catalyze companies through our 360 support approach.

We Focus On Generating Value For All Stakeholders through Our Global network Of Enterprise And Increase The Chances Of Success For Young Companies.

Our Approach:

Those who


finish strong

We invest at the earliest stage and catalyze companies through our 360 support approach.

We believe that seed investment is about building strong foundations. We provide the relationships that fuel endurance and help founders build more in less time.


Alejandro Echavarria
Managing Partner
Leon Papu
Managing Partner
Andrew Murphy
Operating Partner
Angelica Berrocal
Senior Talent Partner
Cesar Figueredo
Investment Analyst

We invest in product builders

Re-designing industries

in emerging markets.


Tul is a technology company that seeks to transform hardware stores and the construction materials market. Through its app, the hardware retailers can supply their businesses in a centralized, profitable and convenient way, and find solutions to grow.


Neivor is a vertical SaaS that streamlines payments and property management for realtors and building managers in Latin America.


Sumer builds technology for micro small businesses. They enable SMBs to grow by giving them a mobile first experience to create their own Ecommerce and access ready-to-use tools to make it thrive.


Welbe enables companies to provide faster and cost-effective primary and secondary healthcare to their contributors. Their 360 degree view of their employees’ overall wellbeing allows them to provide preemptive healthcare and decrease absenteeism effectively increasing productivity.


Meru is a B2B marketplace for auto parts serving the $100b+ automotive aftermarket in Latin America.


Kalto is an online checkout platform for B2B merchants and marketplaces in Latin America. Their all-in-one B2B checkout allows businesses to accept any payment method, automatically reconcile their payments, and offer flexible net terms to their customers.


Bia will empower the user through the provision of sustainable, cost-effective and smart energy through a user-centric, data-driven technology platform.


Vaas is a cross-border platform for the emerging private debt market. It automates the operations of asset-backed facilities and builds into the platform the local and regulatory infrastructure to unlock the region's capital markets at scale.


Latitud removes roadblocks and builds superhighways for founders in LatAm to create the world's next top tech companies.


Wonder Brands creates and acquires digital brands and leverages its technology to scale their operations and grow sales by taking care of the marketing, analytics, supply chain management and working capital needs of the companies.


Cobre is the next-gen B2B payments infrastructure in LATAM. They are creating a decentralized network of financial products where anyone getting paid is eligible to bank.


Maqui is a B2B platform that helps companies optimize their supply chain and supplier management, reducing unplanned delays and improving overall productivity.


Estoca is a self service logistics management software for SMEs and D2C brands that connects multiple sales channels and automates coordination and planning between providers.


Nara is a vertical SaaS aiming to automate contact and information sharing between creators and their communities through AI.


C4c7us is a platform that helps startup founders and IT professionals to get IT infrastructure faster and save money by automating operation processes.


Extendeal is a healthtech vertical SaaS that enables intelligent purchases for the pharmaceutical industry.


Bacu is the new generation of restaurants in Latin America. They offer a comfort food concept: practical, nutritious, affordable and sustainable food. A Food-Tech based omnichannel experience with operational excellence and fair prices.


Vest is a Latam-focused app for commission-free trading in US stock markets


Fintech enabled B2B Marketplace


B2B manufacturing marketplace


B2B marketplace

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